Fast Fres was Born in Puerto Rico

on “April Fool’s Day” to Fundador Baton Oquendo and Arquelia Rodriguez, Fres didn’t fool his parents.
The delivery was on time and he was a healthy boy ready to face
the world. When he was just two, Fres and his two brothers, Hector, Henry, and sister Denise, moved to Chicago with their mother. His mom had a sister who lived there and said they could learn English and have a better life in the U.S.
A few months later Fres’ father, Fundador, who was Puerto Rican track-and-field champion in the late 1960s, also moved to Chicago.
My father stayed on friendly terms with my mother and we remained a close family,” he remembers. “He stayed close to the children and has given me tremendous support with my boxing career.

Career Highlights

Currently Fres ranked #4 by the WBA
among other Super Heavyweight boxers
in the whole world.
3 Time World Title Challenger, he has been rated as high as
#2 in The Ring Magazine
#1 in the IBF and WBO,
#4 in WBA and
#3 in WBC.


Fres Oquendo Boxing Academy is a non-profit organization that helps the inner city youth & children of Chicago.
Our mission is to help our youth & communities learn about the many important skills that pertain to all around health & wellness.